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Info Here you can download bonzi buddy files from this page!
If you have any useful file be sure to upload it to Multiupload and email link to me!
Downloads: Portable & Installer/Setup You can put portable to your USB and easly move it form 1 computer to other.
You just need to run BonziBUDDY.exe to start portable application.

With insatller/setup you can install BonziBuddy on your local computer.

Also be sure to download Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine if you want bonzi buddy to hear you. Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine
Bonzi Buddy This is leaked package form Bonzi ViP community.
It has all addons and games :)!!
DOWNLOAD Installer
Bonzi Buddy 3.5 What is new in bonzi buddy 3.5?
  1. Purple monkey
  2. New menu
  3. All addons works
  4. Easy setup
How to get Bonzi buddy 3.5?
There are 2 main Bonzi Buddy3 packets and upgrade!
Bonzi Buddy 2 This is old peedy version.
It has fix to work on windows xp, vista and 7
This verision is belived to be virus free.
It is not compatibile with addons.
Download setup
All files: